About Our Company

We are committed to providing innovative life science products
for researchers who strive to get agricultural outputs from
their studies, which enable us to help people live better and
healthier lives ultimately.

SPL Life Sciences Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter of Laboratory Plastic Consumables
in Korea have been dedicated to manufacturing highest quality products compliant with global
standard and stringent quality regulations such as ISO9001, ISO 13485 and CE since established in

Our profound experience and knowledge about the market standards and requirements that have
driven a great success for over 30 years have led us to enable exploring innovative and state-of-the
art scientific tools constantly through the contribution of our dedicated experts. Not only in Korean
local market dominated, also in global life sciences market our brand value has been gaining
reputation encouraged by our company policy that has never been compromised on products

Through active investments to R&D, we put all our efforts into developing further innovative
solutions and cutting-edge technology to meet the continuously changing and getting diversified
needs in broad range of life science applications.