Completed Plant dedicated to Bandio Branded Plastic-Ware used
for Clinical Applications
Completed Construction for Plant dedicated to Injection Blow Production

Registered International Patent for Cell Culture Container

Registered Domestic Patents of 11 Developments for
Culture Vessels Inclusive of Cell Culture Module Plates
Completed Construction for “E” Factory dedicated to
E-Beam Irradiation Sterilization

Awarded Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit

Completed Construction for “F” Factory dedicated to Cell Culture Flasks
Achieved U$ 30 Mil. Export to Overseas
Won a Government Tender for Development Project of Core technology of
Bio- Industry Announced by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
(Two Contracts, 4.85 Bil. Won, approximately US$3.7 Mil.)

Won a Government Tender for the Development of Technology Announced by
Ministry of SMEs and Startups (16 Bil. Won, approximately U$1.21 Mil.)

Registered Patents in Korea related to Supporting Body for Cell Culture(1 Patent) and
Domestic Design Patent for Cell Culture Container(3 Patents)
Completed Manufacturing Plant Equipped with Fully Automation System for
Serological Pipettes(“P” Factory)

Launched BANDIO Brand for Culture Media and Agar Plates
Achieved U$ 13 Mil. Export to Overseas

Renewed the ISO 13485:2016 Certificate

Renewed the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Obtained Additional Category of the Good Manufacturing

Completed Manufacturing Plant for Microbial Culture Media
Awarded Commendation by Pocheon-City Office

Awarded Commendation by Community Chest of Korea

Contracted Research Project with InnoPolis Foundation (540 Million Korean Won)

Contracted Research Project with the Small and Medium Business Administration

Designated as An Excellent Job Creator by Gyeonggi Provincial Government

Awarded Excellent Taxpayer Award by the National Tax Service.
Contracted Research Project with the Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy at 1.75 Billion Korean Won
Designated for Future Biotechology Development Project(Joint Research with
KRIBB, KIMM, KITOX, SNU, DKU) by Government of Korea(Jan. 2015~Dec. 2018)

Designated for  Industry Technology Innovation Project by
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (June 2015 ~ May 2018)

Designated for Future Industry Leading Technology Development Project
by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (June 2015 ~ May 2020)

Registered Partner Enterprise of Korea Institute of Indsutrial Technology (KITECH)

Designation Renewed as a Promising Enterprise

Gyeonggi Provincial Government

Accredited ISO 13485 Certification: 13 Major Products Group

Accredited CE Certification: 6 Major Products Group

Awarded Prize “Winner of Korea Institute of Design Promotion 2015 Good Design” for MOUZIP®

Awarded Prize “Winner of Chicago Athenaeum Museum GOOD DESIGN 2015 for MOUZIP®
Designated for Gyeonggi Province Technology Development Project
by GSTEP(Oct.2014~ Sep. 2015)

Designated for Industry-Academy Cooperation Project
by Ajoou University LINC Program(Jul. 2014~Jan. 2015)

Registered Ajou University Family Enterprise
Designated for Seed Growth Technology Development Project
by SMBA(Mar. 2013~Feb. 2014)
Accredited Renewed INNOBIZ by SMBA

Designated as Global Power Company by SMBA(Jan. 2012!Dec. 2014)

Designated for R&D Accelerations Program for Global Power Company by SMBA
(Sep. 2012~Aug. 2014)

Designated for R&D Strategy Support Project in SMB by
SMBA(Aug. 2012~Dec. 2012)

Designated for G-Star Company Acceleration Project by GSBC,
Gyeonggi-Provincial Government

MOU Signed with KISTI for Cooperation in Knowledge Mentoring Program
Achieved U$ 5 Mil. In Export to Overseas

Additional Manufacturing Facilities Expanded and
State-Of-The-Art System Established

Acquired A+ Credit Grade from KIBO

MOU Signed with CHA Medical Univ. Stem Cell RIS for R&D Collaboration
New Factory Expansive Construction Completion

Awarded Grand Prize for SMB’s Export and Innovation by
Gyeonggi Provincial Government

Awarded Grand Prize for SMB by Pocheon-City Office
Accredited MAINBIZ Member by SMBA

Designated as a Promising Export Company by SMBA

Accreditation Renewed INNOBIZ by SMBA

Accredited Set-Up Company

Achieved U$1 Mil. Export to Overseas
Trademark Registered-SPL Life Sciences Co., Ltd.(SPL)

Registered Set-Up Company Member in Gyeonggi- Do Set-Up Business Association.

Designated as a Promising Small-Medium Company by Gyeonggi-Provincial Government
Construction Completion for New Office & Factory

Awarded Cert. of Commendation by Korean Ministry of Commerce Industry & Energy

Accredited Company Affiliated R&D Center by KOITA

Korean Government-Funded Institutions
Collaborating with SPL

Korea Research Institute Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea Institute of Indsutrial Technology (KITECH), Korea Institute of Science and
Technology Information (KISTI), Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM), Korea Institute of Toxicology (KITOX)

Research Institutions Collaborating with SPL

Ajou University, CHA University, Chung-Ang University, Dankook University, Gachon University, Hanyang University, Hongik University, Konkuk University, KAIST, Korea Univeristy, Sejong University,
Seoul National Univeristy, Sungkyunkwan University