Awards & Certifications

- Awards

Awards the year Contents
Pocheon Business
Excellence Award
2006 Awarded by the Pocheon City Council, to enterprises for dedicated efforts in regional economic development
Ministry of Trade,
Industry and Energy
Excellence Award
2007 Awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Government of Republic of Korea, to enterprises for
dedicated efforts in national economic development
Gyeonggi Province SMB
Grand Prize of Export
& Innovation
2010 Awarded by Gyeonggi Provincial Government, for provincial leader of small and medium enterprises in exports and
innovative technology.
Pocheon SMB Grand Prize
2010 Awarded by Pocheon City Council, for regional leader of small and medium enterprises.
GD Seletionin in Industrial Packaging
: Korea Institute of Design
Promotion 2015 Good Design
2015 Awarded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, and Korea Institute of Design Promotion, the GD Selection,
by recognizing and rewarding excellently designed products, promotes the advancement of design and encourages
innovation and creativity through quality products that contribute to aesthetically and practically enhancing our daily lives.
Ultimately, the GD Selection aims to improve the quality of life by improving product design and meeting the diverse
demands of consumers, and to contribute to the development of design by expanding public awareness of the field.
Awarded Product: MOUZIP®
Winner of Chicago
Athenaeum Museum
2015 The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. present the Museum's
annual GOOD DESIGN ® Awards Program for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic
designs produced around the world.
Awarded Product: MOUZIP®
Outstanding Corporate
2017 Awarded the 2017 Outstanding Corporate Employment by Gyeonggi Provincial Government
A Corporate
Environmental Improved
for Women to Work
2017 Awarded 2017 Good Corporate Environmental Improved for Women by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Gyeonggi
Provincial Government and Northern Gyeonggi-do Women's New Work Center
Korea Sharing Grand Prize
2021 Awarded Korea Sharing Grand Prize by Community Chest of Korea-Gyeonggi-Do
Awarded Order of
Industrial Service Merit
(Silver Tower)
2021 Awarded the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
(As a corporate contributed to the development of the national industry through the promotion of small
and medium-sized enterprises)

- Certifications

Certifications the year Contents
ISO 9001:2008
2003 Internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) established by ISO
(International Organization for standardization).
INNOBIZ Enterprise
2006/2008/2012 Accredited by SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration) Korea, for world-competitive small and medium-sized
enterprises with innovative technology
Corporate R&D Center
2007 Accrediation of Corporate R&D Center, provided by Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA)
Gyeongi Province Promising Small
and Medium-sized Enterprise
2008/2015 Selected as a promising enterprise, by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government.
MAINBIZ Enterprise
2009 Selected as a MAINBIZ (Management, Innovation, Business) enterprise by Korea Management Innovation Association
for Small and Medium Business
SMBA Promising Export Frim
2009 Selected as a promising exporting enterprise, by SMBA
Global-Star Small Enterpise
2012 Selected as a Global-Star small enterprise, by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government.
ISO 13485:2012
2015 ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard that represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality
management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.
(EU Directive 98/79/
EC for IVD)
2015 CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of
the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.