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SPLPermea™ Dish

The SPLPermea™ Dish ensures optimal gas exchange for effective cell culture. Due to its low water permeability, the culture medium is maintained for a long time without leakage or evaporation. 

The SPLPermea™ Dish has low auto-fluorescence with high light transmission to enable applications in imaging and micro-reading

  • • Ergonomic design for easy handling and minimal contamination 
    • Gas-permeability tested (CO2, O2)
    • Leakage and evaporation tested
    • Transparent for microscopic observation and imaging
    • Low auto-fluorescence
    • High light transmission
    • Sterile

    ▪ Non-cytotoxic
    ▪ Non-pyrogenic
    ▪ DNase / RNase – free
    ▪ Human DNA – free
Cat. No. Dish Style
d x h (mm)
Internal Dimension
d x h (mm)
Growth Area
Working Volume
External Grip Surface Treatment Sterile Packaging
200235 44.88 x 12.65 35.12 x 11.20 9.40 3.00 + - + 5/50