All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.

Cell Cultureware

Cell Culture Module Plate

 The Cell Culture Module Plate is designed to be assembled into a desired shape through a combination of 6-well and 24-well insert depending on the purpose of the experiment. Inserts can be observed under a microscope in both attached and detached states of the plate and have the same performance as the existing Cell Culture Plate. It is efficient and economical because various types of cells can be cultured simultaneously on a single plate and harvested by time period. 

  • ▪ Designed to prevent cross contamination
    ▪ Homogeneous cell culture
    ▪ Same well size as the existing Cell Culture Plate (#30006, #30024)

    ▪ Non-cytotoxic 

    ▪ Non-pyrogenic

    ▪ DNase, RNase-free 

    ▪ Human DNA-free

Cat. No. Material Insert Type Well Dimension
d x h (mm)
Growth Area
Working Vol.
Surface Treatment Sterile Packaging
300906 PS 6well 35.00 x 17.40 9.60 2.00 + + 6 Inserts / Plate
25 Plates / Box
300924 PS 24well (Long) 15.60 x 17.40 1.90 1.00 + + 12 Inserts / Plate
25 Plates / Box