All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.

Molecular Biology


SPL UVMax™ is a specialized plate intended for use in lower wavelength. The maximal transmittance is achieved between 260 and 280 nm, ideal for DNA and protein quantification. The plate with low background will enable users to acquire more accurate experimental data.

Unlike conventional laboratory cuvettes, SPL UVMax™ Plate (96well) allows for high throughput screening process and eliminates the need for expensive and fragile quartz/glass-type plates.

    • Plate type
    • ▪ Developed for determining protein and/or nucleic acid concentrations

    • ▪ Certified for low background and consistent performance at 260 and 280 nm

    • ▪ Flat type bottom
    • ▪ Uniform surface homogeneity
    •  Lid not included
    • ▪ Alphanumeric labelling

Cat.No. Material (Plate/Bottom) Well Type Bottom Type External Dimension (mm) Bottom Surface Area (cm²) Total Vol. (ml) Packaging
33096 PS/Film 96 well Flat 85.40 x 127.60 x 14.40 0.33 0.30 10 / 40
330384 PS/Film 384well Flat 85.40 x 127.60 x 14.40 0.07 0.20 1 / 20