All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.



SPL SEAL™ provides a highly effective seal, preventing evaporation and eliminating contamination and it intended for use in General Assays, Genomics, Compound and Library, Storage and Bio-Analytical Assays, High Throughput Screening and Drug Discovery applications.

  • Prevent evaporation and cross-contamination between wells
    Pre-cut, plate-sized sheets
    Working temperature range: 24 ~ 100 ℃
    Thickness: 65 ㎛
    Good optical property(low auto-fluorescence, high transparency)

    DNase, RNase-free
Cat. No. Material External Dimension
w x l (mm)
Color Sterile Packaging
96000 PET/ acrylate 143 x 79 Clear - 100