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Molecular Biology

Gel extractor

Gel extractor is an easy-to-use and quick alternative to extract DNA and RNA bands from agarose gels after gel electrophoresis. Gel extractor allows a precise excision of targeted gel material without sharps and blades. For one-handed, safe and easy gel cutting, the gel extractor is the cost effective solution.

  • ▪ On-Handed gel easy cutting

    ▪ Disposable: no risk of cross contamination
    ▪ Cut DNA and RNA bands from agarose gels
    ▪ High yield recovery

    ▪ Non-cytotoxic
    ▪ Non-pyrogenic
    ▪ DNase / RNase - free
    ▪ Human DNA - free
Cat. No. Materials Cutter Dimension (mm)
w x l x h
Total Length (mm) Sterile Packaging
410511 PE 6.50 x 3.00 x 20.00 60.00 - 100