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Molecular Biology

PCR Plate

SPL Life Sciences released a PCR Plate that can be used for Thermal cycler or real-time PCR equipment. Amplification is faster and more accurate through effective heat transfer with very thin walls. The white wells increase the fluorescence signal of qPCR by about 10 times that of transparent wells, so it is economical because it allows experiments with fewer reagents. The raised rims around each well allow tight sealing using a variety of procedures, including pressure-, adhesive-, and heat-sealing methods.

  •  Thin wall for fast PCR

     Medical-grade virgin polypropylene 

     ANSI/SBS standard dimensions 

     Raised well rims, optimized for heat-sealing tapes or adhesive sealing tape (SPLSEAL™ Pressure-sensitive Tape, #96004) 



     DNase/RNase - free

     Human DNA - free

Cat. No. Material Well Color Profile Skirt Max. Volume (ml) Cut corner Packaging
60096 PP 96 White Low Full 0.20 A12, H12 10 / 50
60396 PP 96 Clear High Semi 0.30 A12 10 / 50