All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.


Grid Sticker

SPL Life Sciences has released Grid stickers as an exclusive accessory for use with petri dish.
The sticker is made of transparent label and can be attached swiftly and neatly to the bottom of petri dish.
It is designed as 1 mm- and 10 mm- interval grid pattern, and can be applied to various experiments, including colony counting, plant growth measurement, and clear zone measurement for fungal test.

  • ▪ For 90~100 mm petri dish: #90100

    ▪ For 60 mm petri dish: #90101 

    ▪ Thickness: 70  ㎛
    ▪ Labels remain firmly attached at temp. from 4 to 40°C
Cat. No. Material Dimension (mm) Major grid (mm) Minor grid (mm) Packaging
90100 Tetron 76.25 10.00 1.00 100/200
90101 Tetron 45.75 10.00 1.00 100/200