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Septum Tube

Septum Tube is a new type of Conical Tube including highly resilient silicone septum in the center of the cap. Septum Tube is effective in completely blocking external contaminants because it is not necessary to open the cap to handle the sample. Silicone septum with PTFE coating is highly resistant to various solvents and fully recovers even repeated use of syringes.

  • ▪ Tight sealing screw cap
    ▪ Silicone septum with PTFE coating
    ▪ External graduations with marking area
    ▪ Provided in rack
    ▪ Packed in zipper bags

    ▪ Non-Cytotoxic
    ▪ Non-Pyrogenic
    ▪ DNase/RNase - free
    ▪ Human DNA - free
Cat. No. Material
External Dimensions
d x h (mm)
Total Vol.
RCF Rating Sterile Packaging
50715 PP/HDPE Silicone/PTFE 17.00 x 120.00 15.00 13,000 x g + 25 in rack
50750 PP/HDPE Silicone/PTFE 30.00 x 115.00 50.00 14,000 x g + 25 in rack