All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.

Storage & Accessories

Deep Well Reservoir

SPL Deep Well Reservoir can hold large volume solutions and is easy to handle.

Deep Well Reservoir is a 2well reservoir made of high quality polypropylene (PP), that can store a total of 300 ml (150 ml/well) in one product.

The scales are molded at 50 ml intervals. Applicable to automation equipment, the advantages of holding large volumes of solutions can increase automatic processing time.

It can be selected according to sterilized or non-sterilized.

  • ▪ Large volume of solution can be contained and layered (stacking)
    ▪ Design for all types of multi-pipettes
    ▪ Applicable to automation equipment

    ▪ High chemical resistance

Cat.No. Materials External Dimension w X l X h (mm) Bottom Type Vol.(ml) Sterile Packaging
34002 PP 127.6 x 85.4 x 40 Flat 150 + 5 / 25
34102 PP 127.6 x 85.4 x 40 Flat 150 - 5 / 25