All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.

Storage & Accessories

Disposable Tweezers

Disposable Tweezers are made of clean and durable polystyrene material, and it is four times lighter than conventional metal tweezers, reducing the strain on the wrist during the experiment. It also minimizes cross-contamination of the sample. The sharp type is suitable for handling fine samples, and the broad type is optimized for handling cover glass or plastic coverslip.

  • Sharp type: For fine sample handling (Cat. No. 90060)
    Broad type: For cover glasses/coverslips (Cat. No. 90061)
    Individual packaging
Cat. No. Material Type Length
Sterile Packaging
90060 PS Sharp 123.00 + 1 / 50
90061 PS Broad 123.00 + 1 / 50