All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.


25 ml Snap Tube

The shorter tube compared to the 50 ml tube is easy to use and minimizes sample contamination. The Snap Cap shape, similar to the SPL Snap Tube, is designed to be easily opened and closed with one hand. The 25 ml Snap Tube can be used with a 50 ml centrifuge rotor using a dedicated adapter.

  • ▪ Snap cap with tight sealing

    ▪ Imprinted external graduations with marking area

    ▪ Packed in zipper bags

    ▪ Sterile

    ▪ 25 ml Tube Adapter for 50 ml rotor (Cat. No. 52025)



    ▪ Non-cytotoxic

    ▪ Non-pyrogenic

    ▪ DNase / RNase – free

    ▪ Human DNA – free

Cat. No. Bottom Type Material External Dimension d x h (mm) Total Volume (ml) RCF Rating Sterile Packaging
50425 Conical PP 28.30 x 77.15 25.00 18,000 x g + 25 / 200