All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.

Clinical Labware

Embedding Cassette

SPL Embedding Cassettes are suitable for holding and identifying tissue sample.

  • ▪ Disposable plastic tissue cassettes are made from acetal polymer.
    ▪ Wider unobstructed writing surface sloped at 40° angle.
    ▪ Caps and Bodies are provided seperately (Cat. No 400610, 40061B, 40061G, 40061P, 40061Y)

Cat. No. Material Color Type of Packaging Packaging
400600 Acetal White Bulk 2000
40060B Acetal Blue Bulk 2000
40060G Acetal Green Bulk 2000
40060P Acetal Pink Bulk 2000
40060Y Acetal Yellow Bulk 2000
400610 Acetal White Bulk 2000
40061B Acetal Blue Bulk 2000
40061G Acetal Green Bulk 2000
40061P Acetal Pink Bulk 2000
40061Y Acetal Yellow Bulk 2000
401610 Acetal White Taped 70/line, 32lines/box, 2240/box
40161B Acetal Blue Taped 70/line, 32lines/box, 2240/box
40161G Acetal Green Taped 70/line, 32lines/box, 2240/box
40161P Acetal Pink Taped 70/line, 32lines/box, 2240/box
40161Y Acetal Yellow Taped 70/line, 32lines/box, 2240/box
402610 Acetal White Cased 75/line, 50 lines/box, 3750/box
40261B Acetal Blue Cased 75/line, 50 lines/box, 3750/box
40261G Acetal Green Cased 75/line, 50 lines/box, 3750/box
40261P Acetal Pink Cased 75/line, 50 lines/box, 3750/box
40261Y Acetal Yellow Cased 75/line, 50 lines/box, 3750/box